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Live Demo Session:
Real-time SaaS Metrics to Better Manage Decisions,
Revenue & Savings


Making decisions to become more profitable depends on the speed & accuracy of your data. 

In a high-growth environment, where you need to be fast and nimble, the last thing you want is a heavy FP&A process slowing you down. SaaS companies need real-time access to revenue, sales and marketing costs and more to maximize profitability and reduce expenses.

Get a live look at how Limelight can help SaaS organizations use their data to discover new growth opportunities.

This webinar includes:



ll_green_block-1 Common challenges faced by SaaS companies in each stage of their journey
ll_green_block-1 How you can easily view your key SaaS metrics: ARR, CAC, LTV, Churn and more to make confident decisions faster 
ll_green_block-1 Planning multiple scenarios and expanding on forecasts based on key drivers
ll_green_block-1 Live Q&A with our expert


Learn real-time SaaS Metrics to Better Manage Decisions,Revenue & Savings